This week on NBC World of Dance, we move on to the Divisional Finals. During this round of the competition, the remaining 12 total acts are reduced to only one competitor from each division (Junior, Junior Team, Upper, and Upper Team), leading us to the final 4 competitors that will compete in the Season 2 World Final next week.

Last week on The Cut, the Upper Team and Junior Divisions were narrowed down to 3 acts each. Catch up on the results and performances and see who made the cut this week as the final 3 groups in each division hit the stage.

In addition to guidance from the celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo, guest mentor Ciara worked with each of the acts throughout the week to ensure they were ready for this week’s tough competition. American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer Misty Copeland joined Jennifer Lopez, Derek, and Ne-Yo on the panel as a guest judge this week.

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Upper Division

Karen y Ricardo

Karen and Ricardo came out with an energetic piece that had J-Lo cheering on from the judges table throughout the entire routine. They partnered fast footwork along with difficult lifts and partnering, and ended with a standing ovation from Ne-Yo and Derek at the end of the routine. The judges complimented them on a job well done, and a technically sound piece.

Final score = 95.3

Ashley & Zach

This week, Ashley & Zach brought an intriguing prop with them. Their piece began with Ashley hanging from a rope from a chandelier from the ceiling. They continued on dancing with a large red scarf, adding a new, fresh element to their piece. Ne-Yo felt like the choreography didn’t quite go well with the music, and Misty agreed. Derek disagreed, feeling like it was exciting choreography.

Final score = 86.8

Michael Dameski

Jennifer Lopez and Ciara worked with Michael before his performance, and both mentors were able to motivate Michael, who was concerned this evening may be his last performance on the World of Dance stage. Michael’s piece had a dark theme and was characterized as a ninja. He performed a great deal of challenging strength techniques to open his routine, then followed it up with passionate, bold acrobatics combined with some emotional and theatrical elements that earned him a standing ovation from 3 of the 4 judges, Misty complimented him on his use of stage, and Ne-Yo gave him a score of 100.

Final score = 97.8

Junior Team Division

The Lab

Derek worked with The Lab, and talked a lot about the risks that come with using props in competition. Their routine began with the dancers dressed for school, sitting at desks and reading papers. At the desks they used intricate movements and musicality to create entertaining effects, then followed up with large powerful movement throughout the remainder of the routine. Their desks flipped down at the end, and the signs on the desktops read “WOD Junior Team Champs?” At the conclusion of the piece, Ne-Yo ran out to the stage to celebrate with the group.

Final score = 99.8

The Rock Company

While mentoring The Rock Company, Derek stressed that their use of strong, sharp movements is crucial to their success in this competition. The Rock Company also hit the stage with a large prop, a large white backlit table combined with their all-white outfitting created a clean look for the group. J-Lo commented that their turns were executed beautifully, and Derek and Ne-Yo both complimented them on their clean, staccato movements at the beginning of their piece.

Final score = 91.5

The Fabulous Sisters

The Fabulous Sisters have remained original and creative throughout the season. Derek challenged the group to make their transitions flow with the rest of the choreography. The group’s piece this week is themed around a holiday celebrated in Japan called “Girl’s Day.” Keeping with the theme of props, The Fabulous Sisters didn’t disappoint, bringing to the stage large red steps accentuated with bamboo features. The girls ended their routine emotionally, hoping to move forward in the competition.

Final score = 92.0

Upper Team Division

The Ruggeds

The Ruggeds were thought to be one member short this week, as one of their teammates tore an ACL in practice this week. They came with a powerful wolf-themed performance, including masks and dramatic lighting effects. All members of the group were present, injured or not, and they re-worked their routine to include all of crew.

Final score = 91.5


S-Rank is trying some new things this week, which was a bit concerning for their mentor Ne-Yo, who warned that could be a mistake, Ciara was pleased with their transitions and complimented them on their swag. The team confessed that some of them have quit their jobs and have been couchsurfing, so losing for them is not an option. S-Rank was styled in metallic silver tracksuits, and with their routine brought intricate movements and clever musicality in their performance. The judges fawned over their performance, but Derek challenged them to bring a piece that has all of the judges on their feet.

Final score = 94.0


Ne-Yo challenged Poreotics to come to the competition this week and bring the “wow” factor, so everyone watching isn’t thinking they’re watching something they’ve seen before. The group dressed in white striping to accentuate the intricate movements they made. There was an exciting element planned with a flip in front of the judges, unfortunately it resulted in a slip/fall situation at the front of the stage. Derek complimented them on their performance, and Ne-Yo felt like he didn’t get the “wow” factor he asked for. Misty said she felt like she was waiting for something else to come, and didn’t see it.

Final score = 86.8

Junior Division

Charity & Andres

Charity was concerned about her broken toe injury for their piece this week. Their routine was stylized as medieval with gargoyles, fire, stone, and appropriate costuming. Their routine was was powerful, and the judges were stunned and impressed that they were able to execute a stellar, technical routine especially considering the injury Charity was battling.

Final score = 93.0

Jaxon Willard

Jaxon brought an ambitious routine with him, and a prop as well. His use of dancing amongst mirrors created a great esthetic element for his piece. He told a story of how he was trying to find himself, and the judges appreciated his take on the idea that he is still searching for himself. Derek said he was looking for more from him at this point in the competition, especially in the moments where he was walking.

Final score = 87.8

Sean & Kaycee

With overthinking their main concern, Ciara challenged Sean and Kaycee to not overthink their routine this week. The musicality of their routine was clever, and they incorporated an incredible element of a real water shower that they danced beneath. Ciara admittedly had never seen them dance before, but was amazed by the caliber of their performance.

Final score = 92.3

Divisional Finalists heading to the World Final:


  • Michael Dameski, Upper Division
  • S-Rank, Upper Team Division
  • Charity & Andres, Junior Division
  • The Lab, Junior Division.


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