This week on NBC World of Dance, we continue with The Cut. During this round of the competition, the remaining 30 total acts will be reduced to only the top 3 scorers from each division (Junior, Junior Team, Upper, and Upper Team), eliminating more than half of the remaining acts.

Last week on The Cut, the Junior Team and Upper Divisions were narrowed down to 3 acts each. Catch up on the results and performances and see who made the cut this week as the Junior and Upper Team divisions hit the stage.

In addition to guidance from the celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo, guest mentors Mel B and Paula Abdul watched rehearsals and gave feedback to the dancers before their performances.

Upper Team Division

Desi Hoppers

Desi Hoppers worked with Paula Abdul and Jenna Dewan before their performance, although they  struggled a bit with understanding the names of the moves that Paula was trying to help them work though. Overall they nailed those moves, and used their personalities to deliver a performance that hi-lighted their unique style and creativity.

Final score = 90.07


In the qualifiers, J-Lo told Embodiment that if they want to make it in this business, they need to win this competition. They used that motivation to push through practice this week, and with Paula Abdul’s attention to detail, they used her corrections to run a clean and impactful performance.

Final score = 91.0

Lock n Lol Crew

Lock n Lol was energetic, clean, and used their choreography to create great visuals.

Final score = 86.7

The Bradas

The Bradas performed with unique and clean formations that resulted in a score high enough to take 3rd place and knock the Lock n Lol Crew out of the top 3.

Final score = 89.0


Connection used their routine to tell the story of how they made it through a dark place together when their country felt like a prison to them, and their studio their safe place.  The other teams watched nervously as Connection performed. Jennifer Lopez named this the best routine they’ve ever done, and Ne-Yo apologized for underestimating them previously.

Final score = 91.3


Poreotics used their performance this week to show Derek Hough that they really listen to his feedback. They took a comment he made during The Duels that compared their performance to a jelly donut, and remixed it into their music for this week’s performance. They took the first place standing, guaranteeing their spot in the divisional final and sending the Desi Hoppers home.  

Final score = 91.7

The Ruggeds

Self-described underdogs The Ruggeds earned a standing ovation from all three judges after their performance this week.  Their score guaranteed them a spot in the divisional final, resulting in an emotional reflection from the team to one another.

Final score = 92.7


Jenna Dewan challenged S-Rank this week to add an additional “wow moment” to their performance. Their musicality was on-point, and with their timing and precision, they were able to deliver a performance worthy of Ne-Yo naming them “the cleanest team in the competition.”

Final score = 92.3

Upper Team Divisional Finalists: Poreotics, The Ruggeds, and S-Rank.

Junior Division

Josh & Taylor

Josh and Taylor continued their storytelling streak in their performance this week, dancing as a couple on a date. Their use of stage graphics incorporated into their choreography elevated their performance.

Final score = 85.3

Victoria Caban

Victoria’s use of rose petals falling from above framed her routine beautifully. She struggled with stumbling on her skirt in her performance, but performed on in a professional manner.

Final score = 85.3

Jonas & Ruby

Jonas and Ruby focused on increasing their difficulty in their routine this week. They were able to innovate one of their moves into a floor spin that the judges hadn’t seen before, giving them a competitive edge above the other ballroom couples in the competition.

Final score = 88.3

Madison Brown

Last week, Derek challenged Madison to come with more “attack” in her performance. This week Madison chose a piece of music with a heavy message that America isn’t beautiful to everyone, including the groups that she belongs to.

Final score = 85.7

Sean & Kaycee

This week Sean was excited to once again share his choreography with the judges. Ne-Yo challenged them to find something in the song they relate to, and use that to give a great performance. Their use of several single-light posts was stunning, and their intricate movements combined with large gestures created a beautiful piece. Their score placed them first, guaranteeing them a spot in the divisional finals.

Final score = 92

Avery & Marcus

Avery and Marcus’ ballet routine left the judges with more to be desired this week. J-Lo expressed that she wished they performed like the end of the routine throughout the entire piece. Avery and Marcus’ partner work was well-executed and followed the intensity of the music nicely.

Final score = 85.3

Charity & Andres

In The Duels, Charity and Andres earned the first ever perfect  score. They felt the challenge of trying to achieve perfection and began overcoming their routine for this week. After their performance, the judges reassured them that they deserved last week’s score, and challenged them to always do their best. Their acrobatics were on point, as well as their choreography. Their score placed them first in the category, guaranteeing them a spot in the divisional finals.

Final score = 92.7

Jaxon Willard

While in a session with Ne-Yo and Mel B, Jaxon carried himself timidly, lacking self confidence when he wasn’t dancing. Mel B gave him a mantra to boost his confidence. She said, “I love myself, I’m gorgeous, I’m powerful, I’m black.” After a powerful performance, Ne-Yo got up from the judges table to hug him for good from a shy performer to a confident one. His score was high enough to guarantee a spot in the divisional finals.

Final score = 90.07

Junior Divisional Finalists:  Charity & Andres, Sean & Kaycee, and Jaxon Willard.

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Written by WOD Magazine Contributor Stephanie Simons.