The Qualifiers continued last night on NBC World of Dance, and the competition just keeps getting better and better. Watch the full episode now, and check out performances and our recap below. In order to advance to the next round of the competition, competitors need to earn 80 or more points on their performance.

Catching up on last week or just need a refresher? Read our recap and watch the full episode here.

The Lab | Junior Team

Crushing it in season 1, The Lab is back to prove they can keep pushing and bring their performance to the next level. Their journey has inspired others, as they receive support and message from fans regularly. With their youngest dancer at 8 years old, the group brought even more energy and life to the stage. “The Lab is a force to be reckoned with,” said J-Lo. “Teams like this is what World of Dance is about,” added Ne-Yo. Not only was their performance electric, their synchronicity and technique is what Derek calls a recipe for greatness.

Final score = 94

Pasha & Daniella | Upper 

Pasha & Daniella have been married 3.5 years, and are a ballroom duo who aim to break rules and branch outside the expectations of their style. Their performance, while dynamic and showcased unique musicality and ability to marry movement and stillness, may not have been to the level all the judges expected. Both Derek and Ne-Yo wanted more, but Jennifer Lopez said her eyes were glued on the pair the whole time.

Final score = 86.3

Connection | Upper Team

Starting as friends having fun and looking for a safe place in their neighborhood, Connection, hailing from Chihuahua, Mexico, brought a new take on hip hop, adding their Latino flavor. Their performance brought energy and athleticism, as well as dynamic suave moments “you could fall in love with” J-Lo said. Their ability to build anticipation, clean movement, and flawless formations and transitions made for a memorable performance. “This is how you compete for $1 million,” said Ne-Yo.

Final score = 90.7

Charity & Andres | Junior

This contemporary pair started their partnership specifically for this show, but looking at Charity and Andres’ ability to dance as one, you’d think it was much longer. The team was focused on the competition, creating a dream board, doing research, and countless hours of preparation (they even practiced in front of stuffed animal judges!). Their synchronicity was apparent even before they hit the stage, they were perfectly in sync running up the stairs. Their performance showcased their fluid movements and effortless athleticism, making tricks look easy. The judges loved their ability to dance like one person, as extensions of each other, and saw the magic in their partnerships. “This is what $1 million contemporary looks like,” said Ne-Yo.

Final score = 95.3

BDash & Koncrete | Upper

You may recognize BDash and Koncrete from our regional qualifying events (check out their performance at WOD New Jersey). This krumping duo came to World of Dance in the hope of taking what makes krump unique, and adding choreography to make it more than just freestyling while expanding their style and skills. Their goal was to push to a level they’ve never been before, and based on the judges’ reactions, they did just that. According to J-Lo, their performance “was something else” bringing World of Dance to another level. “[It was] clean and synchronized, taking krump and made it something everyone can get into,” added Ne-Yo.

Final score = 94.3

Fabulous Sisters | Junior Team

Winners of the 2016 World of Dance Finals Youth Division, the Fabulous Sisters found refuge in the dance studio following the aftermath of the devastating 9.0 earthquake in 2011 in Fukushima, Japan. Their performance paired classical music with powerful movement, creating a dynamic and engaging show, that showcased togetherness, cleanliness, and precision. “Every move made a statement,” said Ne-Yo, “[I’m] anxious to see what else you have.” “It was riveting, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time,” added Jennifer Lopez.

Final score = 94.7

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