The third night of the Qualifiers of NBC World of Dance did not disappoint. From high-flying contemporary to out-of-this-world popping, the competition just keeps getting more and more intense. Watch the full episode now, and check out performances and our recap below. Remember, in order to advance to the next round of the competition, competitors need to earn 80 or more points on their performance.

Catching up on last week or just need a refresher? Read our recap or watch the full episode.

The Ruggeds | Upper Team

The Ruggeds, hailing all the way from the Netherlands, are a breaking crew ready to show the world what makes them special. They’ve won dozens of international titles, and are ready to bring their tricks to the World of Dance stage. Their performance was high energy and filled with amazing tricks, but the judges felt that in order to set themselves apart, they needed to work on transitions and cleanliness.

Final score = 83.3

Josh & Taylor | Junior

Josh and Taylor have known each other for 5 years, dancing in their home studio together. Before their performance, they met with mentor Jenna Dewan to talk about how they plan to set themselves apart from others in the junior division. Neither dancer is a stranger to World of Dance, Josh competed last year with ImmaBEAST and Taylor performed in the duo KynTay. The judges loved the performance (which told the story of a police/criminal conflict), calling it magic and something nobody else has.

Final score = 93.3

Lock N Lol Crew | Upper Team

Full energy and excitement for the competition and their love for dance, Lock N Lol come from Korea to show the world their take on locking. Their performance was “pure entertainment” J-Lo said, with clean formations, costume changes, and even hat tricks. Judge Derek Hough loved the performance, and appreciated their formations and togetherness, but the other two judges warned that they will need to elevate their performances to continue to rise to the level of competition.

Final score = 81

Michael Dameski | Upper

Michael Dameski moved to Los Angeles from Australia after winning Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance. As he told the judges, he loves dance so much, there is no plan B. His contemporary performance wowed the judges, and received some of Jennifer Lopez’s highest praise, according to Jenna Dewan. Derek called it an “absolute pleasure.” Michael’s technique paired with his incredible strength and flexibility is “exactly what we’re looking for on this stage,” added Derek.

Final score = 92.7

LD Dance Company | Upper Team

A Samba group from Houston, Texas, LD Dance Company brought energy to the stage paired with sequins and feather headdresses. The judges enjoyed their performance, but when looking at the various categories in which they judge, the performance wasn’t what they were looking for in this competition.

Final score = 74.3

Rascals | Junior Team

This group of young hip hop dancers from Hawaii are very grateful for where they live, but have limited dance opportunities. They typically only travel to one competition a year, and this year they are at World of Dance. The crew—whose youngest dancer is 9—came out on to the stage like they were “shot out of a cannon,” Derek Hough said.

Final score = 84.7

Elektro Bots | Upper

You may recognize the Elektro Bots from past WOD events. They toured with last year’s WOD Live event, and have frequented the stages at our qualifying events. They are here to show the world their unique ability to tell stories through their dance. Their paying tribute to Dominic’s mother who passed away last year and had a passion and love for art. They’re focused on pursuing the dream she helped them chase. Their performance told a nostalgic story of childhood while adding in layers of excitement and amazing dance moves. Ne-yo called them “more than just robotics” thanks to their ability to engage and interact with the audience. J-Lo said they “smashed it” and Derek appreciated their clear separation, cleanliness, and togetherness.

Final score = 89

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