The Qualifiers continued this week on NBC World of Dance, and the competition just keeps getting better. We saw familiar faces and new stars, and dance unlike any we’ve seen on the show so far. Watch the full episode and read on for performances and recaps. (Need to catch up? Here’s what happened last week.)

Jonas & Ruby | Junior

This young ballroom pair may only be 14 and 15, but their performance quality is far beyond their years. You may recognize their coach, Manny, from season 1. That’s because he coached Ruby’s brother D’Angelo, from D’Angelo and Amanda last season. Their performance was fierce and powerful, and their performance quality really set them apart, said J-Lo. The judges also  praised their synchronicity, but they also received valuable feedback from ballroom master Derek Hough for moving forward in the competition.

Final score = 84.7

The Bradas | Upper Team

This 6 member hip hop crew from New Zealand is here to represent their country and show the world what they can do. “We’re not all hobbits,” they joke. The came onto the stage “on from the beginning,” noticed Ne-Yo. Their performance was high-energy and incorporated a bag as a prop used in a myriad of ways. At the end of their performance, Derek explained “that was good fellas,” and the rest of the judges agreed. They were praised for their ability to make incredibly hard moves look easy.

Final score = 87.7

Lucas Marinetto | Junior

Lucas started tapping at a young age, and is beyond excited about the opportunity to dance on the World of Dance stage. While his mom was supportive from the start, Lucas’s dad took a bit longer to come around, but finally understood his son’s passion for dance after seeing him light up the stage. Ne-Yo respected Lucas’s energy and swagger as he hit the stage, and all the judges appreciated Lucas’s ability to act the showman, like past tap greats through the generations. The celebrity judges encouraged the tap dancer to dive deeper into what makes his style unique, and think about the story he’s telling the audience.

Final score = 82.7

Expressenz | Junior Team

This contemporary dance group from a small town are here to show the world that they’re not underdogs in the competition. This is the group’s last chance to dance together, as their older member prepares to head to college, but they’re excited to live this “dancer’s fairy tale.” Their synchronicity (especially in those turns) blew the judges away (their training secret is ankle weights). Derek and Ne-Yo both felt that while it was together and had an effortless elegance, the performance had a studio feel, and needed more authenticy. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand said they had perfect execution, and the routine made her heart soar.

Final score = 87

Poreotics | Upper Team

Founded in 2007, the Poreotics have frequented our events stage over the years (they also won America’s Best Dance Crew and performed in videos with Justin Bieber and Usher), but took some time away from the crew. They were motivated to return to the stage after seeing their friends from the Kinjaz, Super Cr3w, and Jabbawockeez perform last season and are here to win the $1 million “and 1 million hearts.” Their performance (which included their signature sunglasses) was both praised by the judges and received some critiques on how to best move forward in the competition.  

Final score = 88

Eva Igo | Junior

The runner up and winner of the Junior Division of season 1, contemporary powerhouse Eva Igo is back. Eva talked about how being so close to winning was difficult, but she was determined to train harder and come back to show the judges everything she has. Evas progression through season 1 into her newfound confidence and power, was something amazing to behold, and she’s only elevated that and brought her performance to a whole new level. Jennifer Lopez called it signature Eva but 2018… with a new level of intensity and passion. Both Ne-Yo and Derek were blown away by the performance as well.

Final score = 95

Tune in next week as the Qualifiers continue on NBC World of Dance where the best dancers in the world compete for the $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things World of Dance.