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The Qualifiers continued (only one more night after this until the Duels begin!) last night on NBC World of Dance, and the contestants continue to raise the bar in this competition. As Ne-Yo said, “World of Dance ‘good’ is regular ‘great,’” and we completely agree. Just getting to the World of Dance stage means you’re great, and the competition continues to push performers beyond their very best.  

Watch the full episode online now, or read our recap and watch performances below. Catch up on the last episode here.

DNA | Upper

Back from season 1, this ballroom duo is all about redemption. They’ve been dancing together for 11 years, married for two of those years, and after a falter in the duels last round sent them home, they “don’t want to be the couple that falls twice.” Jenna Dewan praised them for returning, noting that sometimes you “need failure to come back.” Their performance was dramatic, powerful, and both technically and physically strong. “Gorgeous,” noted Jennifer Lopez. All the judges were impressed by their return.

Final score = 87.7

The Brotherhood | Upper Team

Priding themselves in their storytelling and strong themes, the Brotherhood is here from Canada to show the world what they can do. Starting more than 7 years ago in a church basement, the crew has won a number of World of Dance regional titles. While the judges felt the performance was good, it was lacking when compared to other crews in the competition.

Final score = 80.3

Vivian Ruiz | Junior

This 16-year-old contemporary dancer is here dancing through her first heartbreak. Not only does she have dance as an outlet to express her emotions, she has the support and advice from mentor Jenna Dewan. Jenna shared advice, her own experience, and supported Vivian as she went to leave it all on the dance floor. The judges were impressed by her technique and beautiful performance.

Final score = 83

The Untouchables | Junior Team

Fans from season 1 will recognize one of the members and leader of The Untouchables, D’Angelo (he danced with Amanda last season). You’ll also recognize his dad and the group’s choreographer Manny from season 1 and season 2 (D’Angelo’s sister Ruby is competing this year too). The group performed a high-energy and engaging routine, but the judges provided feedback on bringing some missing elements to the stage to bring it to the next level.

Final score = 88.7

ST Kings | Upper

Coming all the way from Japan, this trio are no strangers to big crowds and large shows. Their style combines dance with acting and humor, into what Derek called “hip hop vaudeville.” The judges called their performance entertaining, but lacking in balance, focusing too much on showmanship vs. technique and choreography.

Final score = 79

Ashley & Zach | Upper

Both dancers professionally for big names like Prince, Nicki Minaj, Chaka Khan, and even Derek and Julianne Hough, Ashley & Zach are bringing their contemporary style to World of Dance. Their performance was athletic and full of surprise and impressive lifts, and sensual while still tasteful, according to Ne-Yo. While Jennifer Lopez wasn’t a fan of the song choice for their dance, Derek was proud of his previous dancers’ performance.

Final score = 85

The Rock Company | Junior Team

With their youngest member only 10 years old, this contemporary group moved the audience and judges with a moving performance. Created and performed as a memorial for the shooting at Mandalay Bay last October, the group was emotional as they hit the stage. “Like they dropped down from heaven,” J-Lo exclaimed as they took the stage. The judges were blown away not only by their performance, but by their technique and genuine emotion, earning them the highest ranking score in the junior division so far.

Final score = 96.7

Next week is the last night of the Qualifiers before contestants go head-to-head in the Duels. Tune in as the Qualifiers continue on NBC World of Dance where the best dancers in the world compete for the $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all thingsWorld of Dance.