The Qualifiers continued this week on NBC World of Dance, and the Duels are just around the corner. As we get closer to the next round of the competition, it just keeps getting better. This week saw familiar faces and new stars. Watch the full episode and read on for performances and recaps. ICYMI, here’s last week’s performances + recap.

Cubcakes | Junior Team

The Cubcakes are a hip hop crew from Southern California, but are ready to bring rise to the level of competition on the World of Dance stage. According to these pint-sized hip hoppers, hip hop is all about isolations, footwork, and faces, and they brought every single one to the stages. The judges were loved how cute the crew was, but were blown away by their fierce performance.

Final score = 83

Luka & Jenalyn | Upper

Back from their heartbreaking elimination in the Duels last season, this ballroom cabaret duo is back for redemption. They’ve worked on their weaknesses and are “better and stronger than ever.” Their performance included the death-defying tricks they are known for, but they also incorporated the feedback from the judges, which the judges recognized and appreciated.

Final score = 87

The Jam Project | Upper Team

This tap team has been called “the Magic Mike of tap.” They’re here to show the work that tap isn’t a dying art form. Their performance was a high-energy modern take on tap, showcasing intricate rhythms, technique, and showmanship. The judges enjoyed it, but challenged The Jam Project to step up their performance and give their chosen style it’s time to shine.

Final score = 83

Marinspired | Upper

Charles and Wyatt have been dancing together for more than three years as a contemporary duo. Both full time professional dancers, they’re ready to hit the World of Dance stage as the first male contemporary duo. Their performance was called beautiful, abstract, and great storytelling, even earning a standing ovation from Jennifer Lopez.

Final score = 91.3

Alisa and Joseph | Upper

These urban dance performers are a partnership both on and off the stage, but this is the first time they are competing together. Their performance had “Keone and Mari vibes” from season 1 the judges mentioned. The judges hailed this performance as delightful, believable, and real, but they also wanted to to surprise them more.

Final score = 90.7

The Gentlemen | Junior

Inspired by Ne-Yo, this duo even danced to one of his songs on the stage. Their performance was high-energy and a lot of fun, but the judges didn’t feel they brought it to the level of the World of Dance stage.

Final score = 79.7

Dragon House | Upper

Dragon House is here to showcase their style: animation. While it was a great performance, the judges felt it was lacking in a number of ways. They loved their synchronicity, but felt transitions could have been stronger. Ne-Yo is confident they are capable of amazing.

Final score = 80

Quad Squad | Junior Team

Starting offstage with squats and split holds, the Quad Squad is a contemporary team here to prove its OK to be strong and promote a positive body image. The judges appreciated their performance, admiring the quality of movement, togetherness, and the ability to showcase each other’s strengths.

Final score = 89

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