Last night on NBC World of Dance, The Qualifiers wrapped, and all contestants who have scored 80 or higher over the past 8 episodes are now heading to The Duels, starting TONIGHT at 8/7 central. Read on to see who made it to the next round of the competition.

Want to watch the full episode? Check it out here, and catch up on the rest of The Qualifier episodes now.

Victoria Caban | Junior

At 14 years old, Victoria Caban is a powerhouse flamenco dancer, who has felt connected to the style since a young age. While other little girls were heading to ballet class, she chose to embrace her “inner ferocious tiger” and do something different. Her performance combined the intricate steps and precise rhythms of traditional Flamenco with her unique passion, grace, and a dash of contemporary, showing the competition she’s fierce competitor.

Final score = 90.7

Pursuit | Upper Team

Dressed to kill in smooth-looking blue suits, Pursuit delivered a methodical performance that brought out the best of their dancers as a crew and as individuals. So much so, the judges got “goosies.” The routine showed patience and a tremendous amount of skill. According to judges, it was an emotional, elevated contemporary style with counter-rhythms.

Final Score = 87

L&J | Upper

Bringing as much passion as L&J (aka Lukas and Julia) did, it’s no wonder the judges had to ask if the two were a couple. Their style of dance is so close and intense, it’s almost like one performer in two bodies. With this much soul and energy, the driven pair are sure to keep delivering performances that the judges declare as authentic and so in the moment.

Final Score = 90.3

The Pulse | Junior Team

Hailing from Derek Hough’s home studio, these four pairs burst across the stage with years of ballroom practice behind them, delivering a performance that was vibrant and sassy. The judges liked what they saw, but the team needs to be filled with men who are smooth and strong and women who are elegant and powerful. They just need a bit more tautness to their moves to really land the wow factor. 

Final Score = 80.3

Avery & Marcus | Junior

By fusing traditional ballet and modern dance, Avery & Marcus delivered a performance totally in sync with one another, impressing the judges with their strength and ability. Although the judges could feel LA duo’s nerves, that only leaves room for them to get sleeker in the competition ahead, working on making transitions especially seamless.

Final Score = 84

Funkywunks | Upper Team

With nearly a dozen members, Funkywunks brings a massive amount of fun without a single misstep. From start to finish, their colorful hip-hop performance was fun and flawless. Featuring one standout dancer as the routine’s default leader — bouncing and flipping his way to victory while also landing the splits — this crew out of Orlando brings a ridiculously good time, definitively proven by how hard they blew away the judges.

Final Score = 87

Morning of Owl | Upper

Combining contemporary dance, ballet, street dance, and martial arts with breakdancing, this dynamic trio from South Korea left the judges wanting more with a few standout moves — namely the mid-waist catch and the cartwheel flip into a heel-only stance, which got a unanimous “whoa” from all three judges. the mid-waist catch. With liquid moves and a whole lot of energy, there’s more unpredictability to come.

Final Score = 84

More Qualifying Performances


  • Iowa Girls: 87.3
  • Dem Raider Boyz: 84.0
  • Girlcool: 81.7
  • Second to None: 82.7
  • Lil Killaz Crew: 83
  • Opus Dance Collective: 80.7
  • 3 Xtreme: 83.3
  • Angyil: 85.3
  • Tribe Unleashed: 83


Tune in TONIGHT at 8/9 central as The Duels kick off on NBC World of Dance’s new day and time. During the Duels, contestants go head-to-head, and the higher scoring performance moves to the next round. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things World of Dance.