Last night on NBC World of Dance, The Duals kicked off and performers went head to head in order to move on to The Cut. The highest scoring act from The Qualifiers picked who they wanted to go up against.

This episode includes a look back at each contestant’s qualifying performance and you get to hear from Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo in in-depth interviews and Jenna Dewan provides some of her expert advice as the dancers prepare for the stage.

Want to watch the full episode? Check it out here, and in case you missed The Qualifier episodes, catch up now. Read on to see who made it to through the duels.

Duel #1: Karen y Ricardo vs. Luka & Jenalyn (Upper)

Karen y Ricardo floored the judges more than once during their electrifying routine of spins, drops, and twirls. From start to finish, their performance had an energy beyond belief. They left the judges breathless, enchanted, and on the edge of their seat. Luka & Jenalyn stepped it up and put on a gusty, daring, and creative performance that included a straight jacket. It just didn’t have the same level of power and finesse.

Karen y Ricardo


Final Score = 98.3

Luka & Jenalyn

Final Score = 92.3

WINNER: Karen y Ricardo

Duel #2: The Untouchables vs. Expressenz (Junior Team)

It’s disorienting to watch one performer become many, or many become only one, in a matter of seconds, but The Untouchables nailed it in a beastly strong performance. But the dramatic, affecting, and beautiful routine from Expressenz gave them the edge to victory with an emotional, in sync delivery — even giving the judges goosebumps.

The Untouchables

Final Score = 89.3


Final Score = 94

WINNER: Expressenz

Duel #3: Pasha & Daniella vs. BDash & Konkrete (Upper)

Right from the get-go, BDash & Konkrete set the stage with a creepy atmosphere — sinister clowns will do that, especially with a lone balloon — and it relied entirely on a precision in movement that had to be so flawless (and was) that it practically felt like special effects. Pasha & Daniella delivered a terrific performance, upping the wow factor, but there was just a key element missing to the judges.

Pasha & Daniella

Final Score = 94

BDash & Konkrete

Final Score = 94.3

WINNER: BDash & Konkrete

Duel #4: Rascals vs. The Fabulous Sisters (Junior Team)

RASCALS brought the fun and style and then suddenly turned up to get wild and sassy with it. So much grit and swag, mixed with a clean, crisp burn, the team were in total unison, even when they were doing rotating rubber bands. Fabulous Sisters moved like one collective organism, a symphony of unified movement, balancing modern with classic, and delivered a powerhouse delivery that was crystal-clear and competitive. This gave them the slight edge to move on.


Final Score = 94.3

Fabulous Sisters

Final Score = 95.7

WINNER: Fabulous Sisters

Duel #5: Michael Dameski vs. Angyil

Michael Dameski put on a dramatic, alluring performance of pure artistry that was both physically and emotionally strong. It seemed every part of his body was working at capacity, from his toe bounces to his full-body reverses. He was mesmerizing in each movement, almost as if in water. The moves in Angyil’s freestyle routine were so fun, she even made her competitor smile. She can pop and stop on command to a precise second, leaving her judges blown away, but she needed to let those wows breathe.

Michael Dameski

Final Score = 94.7


Final Score = 88.3

WINNER: Michael Dameski

Duel #6: The Bradas vs. The JaM Project

Tap can be a hard category to triumph with on this stage, but The JaM Project were perfectly in time with the music and in sync with each other. The judges couldn’t help but let their enthusiasm flow, especially because it seems like the team took all the judges’ advice seriously from the last round. Still, The Bradas appear to have a seemingly endless amount of tricks up their sleeves, blowing away the judges with skill and edge, ultimately taking them onto the next round.

The Bradas

Final Score = 89.7

The JaM Project

Final Score = 88.3

WINNER: The Bradas

Duel #7: Eva Igo vs. Avery & Marcus

Avery & Marcus came in with an enthralling blend of classical elegance and contemporary dynamism, boldly losing their nerves from the Qualifiers and practically making the judges cross-eyed this round with parts together and parts that allowed them each to shine individually. Meanwhile, Eva Igo is a powerhouse who always gives the judges chills, from her soft, controlled starts to her dramatic finishes — this one ended with a flip into a slide — but there just wasn’t enough structure to the performance to win this round.

Eva Igo

Final Score = 92

Avery & Marcus

Final Score = 93.3

WINNER: Avery & Marcus

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