Season 3 of NBC World of Dance aired last night with the Divisional Final in all four divisions: Junior, Junior Team, Upper, and Upper Team.  Three acts remained in each division, and celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo had the task of scoring each team.  The scores decided what acts would make it forward to the World of Dance Season 3 Finale: The World Final.  

New this season: If the judges agree that one of the eliminated acts from any division deserves to be in the World Final, they have the option of using their “wild card” to move them forward in the competition.  

The performers were given the opportunity to be mentored by dance experts in this round.  This week’s mentors were judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo.  Joining them was Stephen “Twitch” Boss as the fourth mentor.  

Watch the full episode now, and check out our recap below to see who made it through to The World Final, and who was eliminated.  

Upper Division mentored by Ne-Yo

Derion and Madison     

Derion and Madison asked them how they were feeling after their performance, and Madison said “disappointed,” due to missing the lift and the end of their routine.  Ne-Yo appreciated the concept and the fact that the piece had a clear beginning, middle and end.  Jennifer Lopez liked that they challenged themselves, but was unsure of how well they’d hold up against the other two acts.         

Final score: 92.0 

Poppin John 

Derek Hough said this routine was Poppin John’s best yet, and appreciated his content, musicality, sound effects, and magic tricks.  Jennifer Lopez said he takes her back to her childhood, but does such a good job that he elevates the memory for her.  Ne-Yo said he did a good job at adding other elements other than popping to his performance.         

Final score: 95.0

Briar Nolet 

Ne-Yo complimented Briar’s growth throughout the competition, calling it “ridiculous,” and most importantly, she impressed her.  Jennifer Lopez called her a fierce competitor.  Derek Hough said she had the “wow factor,” including compliments on her tricks, seamless and effortless performance, and effortless technique.           

 Final score: 95.3 

Upper Division Winner: Briar Nolet

Junior Team Division mentored by Jennifer Lopez

Crazy 8’s     

Derek Hough complimented the dancers on being consistent throughout the competition, and the routine was calming for him.  He said their performance makes him excited for the future of dance.  Jennifer Lopez said they executed the routine beautifully, and the ending brought tears to her eyes.  Ne-Yo commented that they are always strong, have great technique, and great synchronicity.           

Final score: 93.0 


Jennifer Lopez complimented VPeepz on their intricate choreography.  Ne-Yo complimented them on their synchronicity.  He then asked the group how the pressure was coming into the Divisional Finals after an almost-perfect score last week.  The dancers stated they added things to their routine because they wanted to impress all of the judges.  The judges agreed that their illusions were great, and Derek Hough added that he loved the theme, and they should be proud of the good job they did.              

Final score: 96.0

Dancetown Divas 

Derek Hough said it was amazing to see what they have done this season, and this was their best routine so far.  Ne-Yo thanked them for epitomizing girl power, and said his daughter will be inspired by their performance.  Jennifer Lopez was brought to tears after talking with the group.  She said she was proud of young girls for being empowered unafraid, and understanding of their worth.  The group responded that it was because of people like Jennifer Lopez that they can be.             

Final score: 95.7 

Junior Team Division Winner: VPeepz

Junior Division mentored by Derek Hough

Ellie & Ava     

Jennifer Lopez said their routine was beautifully executed by the duo.  Everything was in-sync, and she said the performance was perfect.  Derek Hough said the performance was strong, and their tricks had great control.  Ne-Yo described the act as graceful with flawless technique.  The judges all agreed that they were beautiful to watch. 

Final score: 96.0 

Julian & Charlize 

Jennifer Lopez said their musicality was “nuts,” and the choreography was top-notch.  Ne-Yo had Charlize repeat her back bend, and said it made him “hurt a little bit.”  Derek complimented the textures in their choreography and dancing, calling it beautiful.  He loved their hard hitting moments, as well as their “swaggy” moments.           

Final score: 96.0

Kayla Mak 

The judges all agreed that her performance was exquisite and she demonstrated grace and beauty.  They said she was stunning, and complimented her style and strength.  Jennifer Lopez added that she should be proud of herself.            

Final score: 95.3 

Junior Team Division Winner: Ellie & Ava 

Upper Team Division mentored by Twitch

The Heima     

Derek said the group was beyond athletic, and that they are all world-class B-Boys and dancers.  Jennifer Lopez said that she loved the theatrics in the performance.  Ne-Yo said there weren’t as many pictures in this piece as he’s used to, therefore it was a miss for him.  Derek agreed, stating it wasn’t their best performance.          

Final score: 93.3 

Unity LA 

Derek Hough said he felt grateful to have witnessed the moment the group created with their performance, calling it pure art.  Jennifer Lopez complimented Ashley and Zach and said they are two of the best contemporary dancers they’ve seen on the stage.  She said the use of their prop was stellar, and said it was their best routine yet.  Ne-Yo said the performance gave him his first-ever “goosies,” and added that the routine was perfect.          

Final score: 98.7

The Kings 

The Kings performance had the judges out of their seats during their performance as well as the conclusion.  Ne-Yo came to the stage at the conclusion to scream with the dancers on the stage.  Jennifer Lopez said their performance was “out of this world.”  She said they pushed their tricks to another level, and their strength was mind-blowing.  Ne-Yo said no one will ever forget who they are, and the judges all agreed that they are the total package.             

Final score: 99.7 

Upper Team Division Winner: The Kings

Wild Card

We were left with a cliffhanger at the end of episode 10;  watch next week’s season finale to see who the judges choose to pull forward to the World of Dance Season 3 World Final! 

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