Season 3 of NBC World of Dance aired on its new night yesterday, and the acts performing in The Qualifiers continued to impress celebrity judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo, and Jennifer Lopez.  

The qualifiers has a new rule this year, in order to advance to The Duels, performances needed to have a combined average score of 85.  This means that contestants that made it through the qualifying round in previous seasons, wouldn’t have made it this time. 

Watch the full episode now, and check out our recap below to see who made it to The Duels, and who was eliminated. 

Upper Team Divison 

Fuego Dance Crew

Reminding us all that they are “not a boy band,” Fuego Dance Crew performed clean moves and an impressive one-armed lift.  Jennifer Lopez complimented their performance as “arrogant,” and reminded the dancers to remain strong throughout the entire performance. They will be advancing to The Duels! 

Final score: 93.7

Motiv Crew

Motiv impressed the judges with their style, and scored just over the 85 point requirement to move forward to The Duels! 

Final score: 85.7


Exiles came with great energy and spontaneous tricks.  The judges gave them constructive feedback on their formations, nerves, and outfitting, which will hopefully elevate their performance in The Duels. 

Final score: 88.0 

Guests of Honor

Guests of Honor brought a stylish performance, but didn’t score high enough to advance to The Duels. 

Final score: 84.3

Upper Division

All Ready

All Ready introduced a hip-hop/ballroom fusion performance to the stage last night, and their style impressed the judges.  Ne-Yo encouraged them to focus on one or a few styles of dance, saying “don’t be a jack of all trades and an expert at none.” They are advancing to The Duels! 

Final score: 88

Briar Nolet

Briar gave an incredible performance, with difficult tricks, weightless jumps, and intricate musicality.  She will be advancing to The Duels! 

Final score: 87.3

Derion & Madison

Derion and Madison showcased incredible athleticism to the World of Dance Stage last night, showcasing incredible strength and interesting choreography. We can’t wait to see what they’ll bring with them to The Duels! 

Final score: 90.3

Tobias & The EZtwins

This trio strutted to the stage with some serous style last night.  Their clean moves, unique style, and impressive performance helped them advance to The Duels. 

Final score: 92.7 

Junior Team Division 


JDC jazzed the judges with a sassy performance, with amazing showmanship and costuming to match. They will be dancing again in The Duels. 

Final score: 93.0 


VPeepz introduced their mission to the World of Dance stage and inspired Jennifer Lopez.  Their performance was strong, clean, and synchronized.  We’ll see them performing again in The Duels. 

Final score: 90.3

Dancetown Divas 

Dancetown Divas brought their energy and amazing outfits to the performance. The judges challenged them to bring clean arms and roll-off’s the next time they dance, but overall they performed well enough to advance to The Duels!

Final score: 87.3

Junior Divison

Kayla Mak

Kayla Mak was the first act of the evening, performing a contemporary ballet routine. She hoped her performance would be competitive against her peers in other genres, specifically the hip-hop acts.  She advanced to The Duels! 

Final score: 90.3

Ethan and Anastasia 

Just missing the 85 point requirement, Jennifer Lopez invited Ethan and Anastasia to come back next season and try again. 

Final score: 84.3

Aydin Eyikan

At only 15 years old, Aydin Eyikan demonstrated incredible technique, showmanship, and what Jennifer Lopez called “the X factor.” He earned a score that will allow him to perform in The Duels! 

Final score: 88.3

Moving 4ward

Moving 4ward received a lot of constructive feedback from the judges after their performance, in regards to their choreography, musicality, and maturity in their movements.  They will have the chance to improve and dance again, as they scored high enough to make it to The Duels. 

Final score: 86.3


FemP3 performed well, but scored just under the 85 point requirement to advance forward into The Duels. 

Final score: 84.3

The Trilogy

The dancers of The Trilogy were the last performance of the evening, and danced with great emotion and strength, but received mixed reviews on their transitions from the judges. 

Final score: 86.3

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