Season 3 of NBC World of Dance judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo, and Jennifer Lopez continued to judge performances in The Qualifiers last night on season 3, episode 3.  

The qualifiers has a new rule this year, in order to advance to The Duels, performances needed to have a combined average score of 85.  This means that contestants that made it through the qualifying round in previous seasons, wouldn’t have made it this time. 

Watch the full episode now, and check out our recap below to see who made it to The Duels, and who was eliminated. 

Junior Team Division


MKAM came out to the stage as the first performance of the evening with hard-hitting moves, a clean performance, and stylish purple jackets.  They will be advancing to the duels. 

Final score: 89.7

Kozmic Edge

With a World of Dance veteran to help guide their crew, Kozmic Edge came to The Qualifiers with a strong performance. They were too new of a group for the judges to score them high enough to move forward in the competition. 

Final score: 83.0


All the way from Oklahoma, Intention found their attention drawn to the Battle Droid Crew. Focusing back to their performance, they created beautiful pictures and moments in their performance.  They scored high enough to return for The Duels

Final score: 87.7

Battle Droids Crew

Battle Droids joined us from Belgium, and had to set aside their admiration for their competitors in order to focus on advancing in the competition. They brought out a performance full of energy and swag, and will be advancing to The Duels. 

Final score: 87.0


The ladies of Apprentice brought a beautifully choreographed routine to the stage, but the judges felt it lacked physical intensity.  They will not be advancing

Final score: 83.7 


Junior Division


After performing, Jennifer Lopez questioned whether or not the duo needed more time to become a better dancing couple. Their score wasn’t high enough for them to advance further this season. 

Final score: 82

Audrey & Mia

Audrey and Mia brought a hip-hop performance that was intense, intricate, and full of great musical moments.  Ne-Yo felt the moves needed a bit more strength behind them, which they will be able to improve on before they dance in The Duels

Final score: 86.3

House of Tap

The ladies of House of tap began their careers as rivals, but have teamed up to make a great tap duo. Jennifer complimented them on their swag and finesse as they danced. We can’t wait to see what routine they bring to The Duels! 

Final score: 85.7

Upper Team Division 

Main Guys

The Main Guys came all the way from Norway to the World of Dance stage and brought tons of swag with them. Derek Hough described their performance as “quality movement,” and they will be able to bring that movement to The Duels when they compete again!

Final score: 89.7

Unity LA

Ashley and Zach are back from last season, and they brought a crew of their closest friends with them to form Unity LA. We hope their “strength in numbers” theory works well for them when they dance in The Duels. 

Final score: 95.3

The Rookies

The rookies came to the stage with a fun 90’s throwback performance that made Jennifer Lopez want to join them. However, with moves deemed too simple, they will not have a chance to dance again. 

Final score: 83.0


The crew brought intricate movements to the World of Dance stage, but Jennifer Lopez felt they lost their narrative from the beginning of the performance.  They didn’t score high enough to make it through to The Duels. 

Final score: 83.7

Siudy Flamenco

The ladies of Siudy Flamenco executed the traditional style of flamenco with a great performance. 

Final score: 86.7

Style & Grace

One of the members of the group had a fall at the beginning of the routine, and Ne-Yo loved that they got right back up. He also asked for more difficult choreography in the future. They will be able to showcase the feedback they received in The Duels, which they made by a very small margin. 

Final score: 83.0


A contemporary group from California brought beautiful choreography, lifts, and full emotion to their performance. Ne-Yo commented that their name matched their routine. Jennifer Lopez challenged them to tell a story when they dance. 

Final score: 84.3

Junior Divison

Denise & Josh

After going viral on the internet, Denise and Josh took their duet to the World of Dance stage in hopes of giving Jennifer Lopez “the goosies.”  They were successful, and we’ll be able to see if they do it again when they dance in The Duels. 


Final score: 91.0


Skyscrape performed a beautiful traditional ballet piece. The judges didn’t feel like it would be competitive amongst the other dancers in the competition. 

Final score: 83.7

Derek Piquette

Derek brought a performance full of emotion and athleticism to the stage. Scheduled for a double hip replacement surgery, this is the last competition Derek plans on competing in. 


Final score: 91.3

DD Flection

DD Flection is a contemporary duo from Bangkok, Thailand. They found inspiration from their competitors, and the emotion they brought to their routine guaranteed them a spot in The Duels. 

Final score: 92.0

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