Season 3 of NBC World of Dance aired last night with the second round of performances of The Duels: The Junior Team Division. Celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo had the task of scoring each match-up, knowing only one act from each Duel will move forward to The Cut.  

The Duels has a new element this season, giving the lower-scoring acts a chance at redemption. After The Duels concludes, the 2 highest scoring eliminated acts within each division will battle for a second chance to advance to The Cut.  

Watch the full episode now, and check out our recap below to see who made it to The Cut, and who was eliminated. 

Matchup: VPeepz & Battle Droids


VPeepz came out with great precision in their performance.  The judges gave them kudos for cleanliness, intensity, and their creative robotic elements. 

Final score: 92.7

Battle Droids

Jennifer Lopez commented that their lack of traditional technique worked to their advantage.  Ne-Yo wished the dancing was better, and Jennifer Lopez agreed.  

Final score: 90.3

Winner of The Duels: VPeepz

Matchup: Intention vs Get Down District 

Get Down District 

The judges disagreed on their performance.  Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough praised them for energy and a great performance, while Ne-Yo said their “whack was whack.”  Jennifer Lopez also suggested incorporating the costume change they made into their choreography. 

Final score: 88.0


The judges all agreed that Intention’s dancing was great, but it didn’t match their music, and going up a group like Get Down District, they should have chosen a hard-hitting song to match the intensity of their movements. 

Final score: 87.0

Winner of The Duels: Get Down District

Matchup: MKAM vs Elektro Crew 


Jennifer Lopez described MKAM’s routine as “doing too much in the best way.”  Derek Hough loved their energy and duel mentality, and said their performance was strong.  

Final score: 90.7

Elektro Crew 

Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez disagreed on the tutting part of their performance, Ne-Yo saying it was off and Jennifer Lopez said she didn’t see that.  Derek Hough warned the crew about having too intricate of movements in their choreography.   

Final score: 91.0

Winner of The Duels: Elektro Crew 

Matchup: Dancetown Divas vs JDC 

Dancetown Divas 

Dancetown Divas came out in dramatic red outfitting with dramatic attitude in their performance to match.  Derek Hough and Ne-Yo fawned over their performance, including the intensity and sound affects.  Derek Hough commended them for stepping out of their comfort zones and trying a different style than Latin ballroom.   

Final score: 95.0


Using mirrors as a prop, JDC earned a standing ovation from all three judges.  Jennifer Lopez got “goosies” during their performance and said their performance was perfect, and Ne-Yo said the choreography was intelligent.    

Final score: 96.0 

Winner of The Duels: JDC

Matchup: Crazy 8’s vs West Springfield Dance 

Crazy 8’s 

The judges all fawned over the Crazy 8’s performance, complimenting their turn technique, flexibility, and overall cleanliness.  They danced in-sync throughout their routine and showed great skill during their entire presentation.   

Final score: 93.3 

West Springfield Dance 

West Springfield Dance came out to the stage with clown makeup and theatrical performance.  Derek Hough and Ne-Yo agreed that their needed to be more of a maturity of movement, and Derek thanked the team for “scaring the living daylights out of” him.   

Final score: 89.3 

Winner of The Duels: Crazy 8’s  

Redemption Duel

The two highest scoring eliminated acts of The Junior Team Division were MKAM and Dancetown Divas. 

After a tough battle, the judges chose Dancetown Divas to move forward to The Cut. 

The next episode of NBC World of Dance airs this Sunday! Watch as the best dancers in the world compete for a $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things World of Dance.