Season 3 of NBC World of Dance aired last night with the second round of performances of The Duels: The Upper Team Division. Celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo had the task of scoring each match-up, knowing only one act from each Duel will move forward to The Cut.  

The Duels has added twist this season, giving the lower-scoring acts a chance at redemption. After The Duels concludes, the 2 highest scoring eliminated acts within each division will battle for a second chance to advance to The Cut.  

Watch the full episode now, and check out our recap below to see who made it to The Cut, and who was eliminated. 

Matchup: Fuego Dance Crew vs  Siduy Flamenco

Fuego Dance Crew

The men of Fuego Dance crew were the first act of the night, and they brought creative choreography with them.  Derek Hough felt the song lacked, but Ne-Yo appreciated that the choreography made up for it.  Jennifer Lopez thought they lacked the tricks other crews do, but made up for it in personality and cleanliness.     

Final score: 91.0   

Siudy Flamenco 

The ladies of Siudy Flamenco were chosen to battle by Fuego Dance Crew.  Derek Hough thanked them for taking the feedback from the last time they performed, and adding more true-flamenco movement.  Ne-Yo was impressed, and Jennifer Lopez thought that their choreography outside of flamenco was basic.     

Final score:  89.7   

Winner of The Duels: Fuego Dance Crew  


Matchup: Unity LA vs Style & Grace

Unity LA 

Unity LA earned a standing ovation from judges Ne-Yo and Derek Hough.  Ne-Yo complimented their energy and focus, saying he doesn’t get “goosies,” but if he did, he would have gotten them from this routine.  Jennifer Lopez called them “rare,” saying there wasn’t an amazing core person, but the whole group was amazing.  She said her reason for not standing at the end was their music choice.   

Final score: 97.0 

Style & Grace

Jennifer Lopez said the judges are struggling with their group because they’re showing the judges the same things they’ve already seen before.  Derek Hough said they stayed in the same formation for too long, but also liked the color of their outfits.  


Final score: 88.0 

Winner of The Duels: Unity LA

Matchup: Exiles vs The Heima  


Ne-Yo said he was worried about the Exiles crew before they performed, but is no longer afraid now.  Jennifer Lopez loved the fight they brought with them, and said they should be proud of themselves for the entire group stepping it up.  Derek Hough said their performance was a lot better than what they brought to The Qualifiers.      

Final score: 93.0 

The Heima  

The Heima also earned standing ovations from Ne-Yo and Derek Hough.  They brought a new concept with interesting masks, and Ne-Yo described them as “contemporary breakers,” saying it was almost a perfect performance.  Jennifer Lopez appreciated that she could see everyone’s talent, and the Derek Hough fawned over all of the new movements they created for this performance.       

Final score: 96.7 

Winner of The Duels: The Heima 

Matchup: Main Guys vs Radiance   


The ladies of Radiance left Jennifer Lopez literally speechless.  Ne-Yo called it “girl power,” and re-enacted his favorite part of the performance.  Derek Hough said he loved the strength they gave, and Jennifer Lopez said their tricks were amazing, and the judges all agreed that their performance was powerful.  

Final score: 93.74

Main Guys 

Derek Hough said he appreciated that they took an old song and use new moves with it.  Ne-Yo said the routine felt like a class he’d love to take, and they do moves he hasn’t seen a lot.  Jennifer Lopez said halfway through their routine really “took off.”     

Final score: 89.3   

Winner of The Duels: Radiance 

Matchup: Motiv Crew vs The Kings  

Motiv Crew  

Motiv Crew finished with tears in their eyes by the end of their performance.  Jennifer Lopez said they were clean and “came alive,” and Derek Hough said the energy was electric.  He said the intensity was so strong and they danced like they got picked by a super crew.  Ne-Yo commended them on rising to the challenge, but critiqued them on their choreography, and said there should have been some parts that they should have slowed down to give their routine more time to resonate with the audience.       

Final score: 90.7 

The Kings 

As the last duel performance of the evening, the men of The Kings earned a standing ovation and celebration from all three judges. Jennifer Lopez called the performance a “five-course meal,” and said she didn’t want to blink so she didn’t miss anything.  Ne-Yo said they should change their name to “The Fireworks” because their routine was explosive.    

Final score: 99.3 

Winner of The Duels: The Kings  

Redemption Duel

The two highest scoring eliminated acts of The Upper Team Division were Motiv Crew and Exiles.

After a tough battle, the judges chose Exiles to move forward to The Cut. 

The next episode of NBC World of Dance airs this Sunday! Watch as the best dancers in the world compete for a $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things World of Dance.