Season 3 of NBC World of Dance aired last night with the season finale, where one act was named Season 3 World Champion, and was awarded the $1 million prize. Five acts remained in the competition, including Unity LA, the wildcard winner from last week’s episode. Celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo had the task of scoring each act, which resulted in one final winner of the season.  

There were some special acts and appearances on the episode, including a musical performance by judge Ne-Yo.  

The performers were given the opportunity to be mentored by dance experts in this round.  This week’s mentors were judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo, who mentored as a team.  

Watch the full episode now, and check out our recap below to see who won The World Final and the $1 million prize.

Opening Act 

Briar Nolet, VPeepz, The Kings, Ellie & Ava, and Unity LA all performed together for the first act of the evening.  

Special performance: Derek Hough

Derek Hough Performed with Season 2 acts Charity & Andres and Michael Dameski 

Special Performance: Ne-Yo 

Ne-Yo performed with Season 2’s Sean & Kaycee and Season 1’s Ian Eastwood

Special Performance: The Lab

Season 2 winners The Lab performed a tribute to Jennifer Lopez 

Briar Nolet

Briar Nolet was the first competitor of the evening.  Ne-Yo called her a super hero and strong.  He said the piece said to him, “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  Jennifer Lopez called her performance spontaneous and surprising.  She said her intention got a little muddy towards the end, but since she’s so amazing, she wasn’t sure if she even cared.  Derek hough said he felt the reckless abandonment in her routine, and that she should be very proud of herself. 

Score: 92.7


After their performance, Derek Hough commented that they did well at combining so many dance styles, steps, and movements.  Ne-Yo said he loved the intricacy, but thought it might have been too much.  Jennifer Lopez said their energy was off the charts and they had amazing precision.  Towards the end, she felt it could use more transitions.   

Score: 93.7

Unity LA

Derek Hough called wildcard winner Unity LA’s performance a work of art.  He also described the performance as beautiful and sensational.  Jennifer Lopez said the piece was beautifully conceived.  She said they came alive tonight, that there was beauty in their passion, and for the first time she saw joy in their performance.  Ne-Yo called the group “the total package.”

Score: 95.7

The Kings

Jennifer Lopez said The Kings surprised her by coming with a narrative and a story, and the slow motion moments blew her mind.  Derek Hough said they altered reality.  He appreciated that they had more dancing in this routine than others, and loves the culture they brought with them this season.  Ne-Yo said he felt like he was in an action movie when he was watching their routine.  

Score: 100

Ellie and Ava

Ellie and Ava were the final performance of the evening.  Jennifer Lopez said they were one of the most beautiful duets she’s seen on the World of Dance stage.  She said their ending was perfect and their turns were breathtaking.  Ne-Yo said they were in-sync, and that they should be proud of themselves.  He said he feels an overwhelming sense of pride when he watches them.  Derek Hough said they were beautiful, elegant, and classy.  He said that dancing with your sister is something money can’t buy.   

Score: 95.0 

& the NBC World of Dance Season 3 Winner is… 

Congratulations to the Season 3 World Final Winners: The Kings! 

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