From well-known legends to first-timers to the world stage, the third night of the qualifying round of NBC’s World of Dance did not disappoint. From contemporary to ballroom to urban/hip hop, dancers left it all on the stage to impress celebrity judges Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, and Derek Hough. If you haven’t had a chance to watch, here’s the full episode.

Jabbawockeez (Team)

From dancing in their garage to their own Vegas show, the Jabbawockeez came onto the World of Dance stage with possibly the most fierce competition of all—their reputation. The audience and celebrity judges loved the performance, which deviated from their well-known style showcasing more fluid movement as opposed to their iconic isolations. According to J-Lo, the performance “gave everyone a master class in how to kill it without breaking a sweat.”

Final score = 86.7

The Mihacevich Sisters (Junior)

Dancing before they could walk, this trio of sisters have been in the dance studio since day one (their mom is a dance teacher). This family turned team was one of the first non-solo contemporary performance, and they wowed the judges and audience. From their sychronicity to added dynamic movements, the judges were impressed. “[It was] palpable and beautiful to watch,” said Derek Hough.

Final score = 87

Swing Latino (Group)

Hailing all the way from Cali, Colombia, this group came to show the world Colombian salsa dance. The explosive, high energy performance had big reactions from the judges and audience. As Derek Hough explained, dancers are “artistic athletes” and this group is a perfect example of both. “This is a level of salsa the world is not used to seeing,” J-Lo added.

Final score = 89.3

Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions (Team)

With 75 million views on youtube, Ian Eastwood is no stranger to dance. He started to travel at age 16 teaching around the country and eventually founded a group of other dancers. New to the competition setting, they’ve dubbed themselves the underdog of the competition. Their performance had a number of moments loved by the judges, but also received some pointers on how to deliver during a high-stakes competition.

Final score = 83.7

DNA (Upper)

This Ukrainian ballroom duo recently got married after 9 years of partnering on the dance floor. They incorporated a number of different styles into their performance, creating a fusion the judges enjoyed. While they had some pointers on control and effortlessness, the judges were overall impressed. “[There was] so much intensity and so much passion,” noted Jennifer Lopez.

Final score = 86

Eva Igo (Junior)

Eva got into dance by watching her older sister, and hasn’t looked back since. The young dancer is no stranger to competitions, but admits she is intimidated to be up against the other acts. As she and her family are currently going through a divorce, her positive attitude about everything and using dance as an outlet, helps her deal with the emotions. Her goal? “To make the audience feel something they haven’t felt before.” Her emotionally dynamic performance was full of personality and power, leaving the judges in awe. “Eva you are absolutely extraordinary,” Derek Hough said, “you dominated that stage.”

Final score = 88

You know you’re dealing with an amazing competition when there’s not enough time to show each act that moved to the next round. To check out the full digital exclusive performances, click the links below.  


  • The Posse = 84  


In a competition where “the bar is high right now…the bar is high,” according to Ne-Yo, even stellar performers may not make the minimum 80 points to move to the next round. Here are the acts that didn’t quite make the cut this round:


  • Vibration = 78
  • 801 Squad = 79.3
  • Trent Jeray = 79.3


Next week, acts go head-to-head in the round of duos. For even more amazing performances, tune in next Tuesday at 10/9 central for the next episode of NBC’s World of Dance. Can’t wait till then? Read Q&As with performers, news, recaps, and more.