On NBC’s World of Dance, the second night of the duels brought more acts head to head, with half going home, and half getting one step closer to the $1 million prize. During last week’s episode we saw the competition take a more serious and dramatic turn, and this week was no different.

While it’s hard to see such amazing performers eliminated, only one can win. Luckily the dance community fosters a unique competition of camaraderie and pushing themselves to the next level as dancers, as well as their chosen artform as a whole. Ne-Yo said it best talking to one of the eliminated crews, “You win or you learn, you never lose. If you were not incredible you wouldn’t be here.”

A refresher on how this round of the competition works. The highest scoring acts from each division chose which act they wanted to duel against. Whichever act gets the most points from the celebrity judges moves to the next round, while the other is eliminated.

Diana Pombo vs. The Posse (Junior)

Diana Pombo chose The Posse for this elimination round of the competition. Both emotionally charged, passionate, and technically strong acts, Diana chose The Posse because she wanted a true challenge. Diana’s performance had Jennifer Lopez on her feet and showcased her extreme flexibility and strength. The Posse brought a new prop to their performance tight, clean, powerful, evoked emotion, and had a little bit of everything the judges noted.

Final scores:

  • The Posse: 86
  • Diana Pombo: 91.3

Super Crew vs. Royal Flux (Team)

While their styles are opposite sides of the spectrum, Super Cr3w and Royal Flux have a lot in common. From their fluidity, strength, athleticism, and ability to perform and connect as a single unit, the b-boy and contemporary performers both brought it to the next level. Super Cr3w came out with an elevated energy to a Michael Jackson song, which they were able to incorporate their style into Michael Jackson’s iconic style. Royal Flux stepped up in surprising and unexpected ways while still being true to their contemporary style. (Super Cr3w’s performance is currently unavailable, this post will be updated when it’s online.)

Final scores:

  • Royal Flux: 86.3
  • Super Cr3w: 89

The Lab vs. The Boys of Temecula (Junior)

These young crews, both hailing from Southern California had the opportunity to showcase the best they can do to move forward in the competition. Both crews were pushed by the pressure of the competition, and didn’t disappoint. By incorporating bold themes and new tricks, they both wowed the audience and judges.

Final scores:

  • The Lab: 89.7
  • Boys of Temecula: 84.7

Les Twins vs. Kyle Van Newkirk (Upper)

Labeled as a matchup like David and Goliath, Les Twins picked Kyle Van Newkirk for this round (check out Kyle’s exclusive interview about what was going through his mind before his performance). Kyle left it all on the stage with a stellar and unexpected take on Fred Astaire–inspired choreography. Les Twins showcased everything that makes them an international name in the dance world. From their unprecedented ability to connect and play off each other’s performance, their performance was up to the standard they’ve established for themselves.

Final scores:

  • Les Twins: 92
  • Kyle Van Newkirk: 86

Tune in as the duels continue on NBC’s World of Dance, Tuesdays at 10/9 central. Acts will continue to take risks, which according to judge Derek Hough, is the only way they have a chance to move forward. Till then stay updated with all things World of Dance with Q&As with performers, news, recaps, and more.