Connection Crew instantly stole the hearts of viewers around the world with their high energy routines and incredible backstory. WOD Magazine recently chatted with these talented dancers to find out what they’ve been up since appearing on NBC’s World of Dance and if they would ever consider returning to the show. Check out our exclusive Q&A below and stay tuned for more updates on your favorite contestants.

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What Season did you appear on?

We appeared on 2nd season!

What has life been like since appearing on NBC’s World of Dance?

Life after WOD has been amazing! We have received so much love from all over the world and we get messages weekly supporting what we do!.

What have been some of the biggest changes/opportunities that have happened? 

After WOD there have been a lot of opportunities such as teaching workshops in many different cities, and competing in world class competitions.

What is your best memory being on the show? 

There are a lot of incredible memories from the time we were on the show, but probably the most meaningful for us was the time we performed to MI GENTE by J Balvin, and the three judges gave us a standing ovation- that was the moment that changed our lives.

Would you ever consider competing on NBC’s World of Dance again?

We would LOVE to compete again on the show! Since our time on WOD we have been training harder than ever, our goal is to come back and win the whole thing.

What have you been up to since you appeared on the show? 

We came back to Chihuahua and are still in school. Besides that, we train every day at D’ansa Jazz Stage, our home studio. We ranked in the Top 10 worldwide again and have been teaching all over Mexico.

What are your future plans/goals? 

Our plans for the future is to come back to WOD and try to win the show!

Anything else you think our readers would like to know? 

World Of Dance was a life changing experience for us, not only because a lot of opportunities have been presented to us after the show, but also because it changed the way we think and our mindset. Now we believe in ourselves more than ever and we know that we are capable of doing anything we want!

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