This Oklahoma team may be from a small town, but they made a big impression on Season 3 of NBC’s World of Dance. WOD Magazine caught up with this talented team recently to see what life has been like since appearing on the show. Check out our exclusive Q&A below and stay tuned for more interviews with your favorites from the show.


Addie Taron, Mackenzie Baumart, Avery Mathena, Brianna Haith, Kamryn Funk, Treasure Wensauer, Breanne Elwell, Peyton Winsett, Kendall Schmidt

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What has life been like since appearing on NBC’s World of Dance?

Life has been extremely busy. We decided to travel more for training and it has pushed us to be the best we can be. We feel like once you are on the show, people set the bar pretty high for your team and we wanted to prove to everyone we were on the show for a reason. It has only pushed us to be even better.

What have been some of the biggest changes/opportunities that have happened? 

We have had the opportunity to travel more for training and competitions. It has pushed us to set bigger goals and aspirations for our team. Once you take on the WOD stage you feel like nothing is too small to dream of.

What is your best memory being on the show? 

The best memories from the show are all the people we got to meet from all over the country. We still stay in touch with all of them and we have recently been able to see them at The Dance Awards in Vegas! It was like a WOD reunion.

Would you ever consider competing on NBC’s World of Dance again? 

Yes! It was an unforgettable experience.

What have you been up to since you appeared on the show? 

Since the show, we have been traveling all over the place to compete and to challenge ourselves with some of the best of the best studios. We have won all of our regional competitions and have done the best we have ever done this year, winning many firsts in all the different genres of dance we compete in. This year we went to Las Vegas for nationals for The Dance Awards, which is the biggest event put on for dancers. It was compromised of 10 days with the best studios around the Unites States and 14 countries. It was their biggest event yet. We competed for the Best jazz studio this year and met that goal! There were close to 3,000 entries and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! It was so inspiring to be there and do as well as we did. It is the best we have ever done! Kamryn Funk also made the top 20 for the female Best Dancer competition.

What are your future plans/goals? 

We plan on continuing training and are hoping to come back stronger than ever. Every year we set a new set of goals for ourselves and we will continue to set out to achieve those goals.

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