The Exiles wowed the judges and the crowd with their innovative choreography and incredible precision. WOD Magazine recently caught up with this Arizona crew to find out what life has been like since appearing on season 3 of NBC’s World of Dance. Check out our exclusive Q&A below and stay tuned for more content from your favorite contestants.

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What has life been like since appearing on NBC’s World of Dance?

 Life has been a whirlwind! We have received so much support from our fans that we were able to make substantial improvements to our studio/community center. It’s been such a blessing to us, our students, and our community. In addition to the studio/community center project, we have been traveling to new places to perform, creating more online content, preparing for competitions, and even selling Exiles shirts. It’s a lot to handle sometimes and there are growing pains of course, but we are so grateful. 

 What have been some of the biggest changes/opportunities that have happened?

The biggest opportunities have been going to new places to perform. We are beginning to branch out from not only doing local bookings but also traveling outside of our home state to perform at music festivals, youth events, and chruch services.

A very notable experience was getting to perform at the Unashamed Forever Tour when the tour stopped in our home state of Arizona. The tour featured an incredible lineup of Reach Records artists. This was particularly special to us because we have been inspired by the faith and musical talent of these artists for years. In fact, all of our WOD performances featured a song by one or more of these artists. It was a blessing to share the stage with them and even connect with them after the show. 

 What is your best memory being on the show?

 The best memory of the show was the Duels. The preparation for that round was tough. We knew we had to bring a powerful performance against the The Heima but we also realized that we couldn’t over look the possibility of being in the Redemption Round. And it was a good thing we didn’t! It was a surreal night: performing our Duels set, feeling the set back of losing our duel, waiting to see who we would face in Redemption, battling it out with Motiv, then finally seeing our name on the screen knowing that the judges had picked us to move on – it was a rollercoaster. From start to finish that round is something we will never forget. 

Would you ever consider competing on NBC’s World of Dance again?

 Anything is possible! 

What have you been up to since you appeared on the show?

 The show was both mentally and physically taxing. Immediately after the show, we took time to recover, regroup, heal up the injuries we sustained while competing on the show, and planned the next steps for Exiles. Since then we have been performing, preparing for competitions, collaborating with artists and  merchandise companies to produce new content. 

What are your future plans/goals?

 The goal is to keep developing this team and see where God wants us to be. We have plans to still compete against the best crews, but we also want to be open as artists to the new opportunities being presented to us.

Anything else you think our readers would like to know?

 We have some brand new content and some exciting partnerships in the works! Stay tuned!

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