Season 3 Champions, The Kings, mesmerized audiences around the world with their gravity-defying tricks and innovative choreography. WOD Magazine recently sat down with this Indian crew to find out what they’ve been up to since the show aired. Read our exclusive interview below and stay tuned to WOD Magazine for more updates on your favorite NBC World of Dance contestants.


Karthik Priyadarshan, Shijin Ramesh, Ritesh Vishwakarma, Mohan Pandey, Chandan Acharya, Sunny Chatterjee, Raja Das, Prem Bhawar, Charles Edward, Pratik Gojare, Hritik Gupta, Pavan Rao, Hardik Rawat, Akshay Varavdekar, Neeraj Vishwakarma.


Suresh Mukund

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Instagram: @kings_united_india

Facebook: @kingsunitedofficial

Twitter: @kingsunitedcrew

YouTube: Kings United India Official

What Season did you appear on?

We appeared in Season 3 of NBC World of Dance.

What has life been like since appearing on NBC’s World of Dance?

Life has been on a roller coaster mode as we are getting recognized all around the world for our work and have been traveling for different projects across the globe. We have also been approached for movies and filled with opportunities to work with many international artists.

What have been some of the biggest changes/opportunities that have happened? 

We recently did our first international gig in Las Vegas, which we all have been dreaming of for so many years. It seemed so surreal that in 2012, we had been there participating in the first international competition of our lives- and in 2019, we did our first international show in the same city! Life has just been really amazing. We have also been approached by different film studios to do a biopic on the journey of The Kings and we are really excited for this project.

What is your best memory being on the show? 

Each and every moment spent on the show was very precious for us, especially the finale moment when we were announced as the World Champions. It is the best memory of our lives. Apart from this, the moments which we spent with our fellow contestants, where we created strong bonds of friendship, is something we really miss.

Would you ever consider competing on NBC’s World of Dance again? 

Sure! Why not? NBC’s World of Dance was the best competition we have attended so far. It is a platform which has given The Kings a global recognition. NBC’s World of Dance has completely changed our journey by exposing us to opportunities we could never have imagined. We would definitely like to return to World of Dance, not as competitors, but definitely as guest performers.

What have you been up to since you appeared on the show? 

Currently, we are working on some international projects which includes our shows, workshop tour and brand collaborations here in India and other parts of the world.

What are your future plans/goals? 

We are working on to making brand more global. We are planning to establish ourselves in many different countries and also working our upcoming project, which will be a movie based on the journey of our crew.

Anything else you think our readers would like to know? 

The Kings would really like to thank all our supporters for their love and appreciation which have been pouring in since we won. We will keep on mesmerizing you all with our amazing work and our one and only passion.. DANCE.

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