In case there were a number of question marks floating around your head, yes, World of Dance Berlin 2018 was a crazy fun blast. Alas, you didn’t make it to the event. Fear not! We have all the incredible performances here for you absolute viewing pleasure.

1st Place (Team): Wonder Crew

2nd Place (Team): F.O.T. Family

3rd Place (Team): No Point Crew

1st Place (Junior) The Early Adopters

2nd Place (Junior): Once Upon a Time

3rd Place (Junior) Lil Monsters

FrontRow: Baiba Klints

FrontRow: Daniel Asamoah

FrontRow: Dinipri Etebu

FrontRow: Mecnun Giasar

FrontRow: The Messengers

FrontRow: Raik Preetz

FrontRow: Shay Latukolan