If you couldn’t make it to the brilliant, incredible, and stunning event that was World of Dance Eindhoven 2017, then the full lineup of performances via video is the next best thing. Catch all the exceptional and eye-catching routines that went down in the Netherlands below!

1st Place (Junior): The Early Adaptors

2nd Place (Junior): CDK Junior

3rd Place (Junior): Once Upon a Time

1st Place (Team): Nough

2nd Place (Team): Oxygen

3rd Place (Team): The CDK

1st Place (Upper): Drosha

2nd Place (Upper): Tamara Arruti

3rd Place (Upper): Jennifer Romen

Amber Vineyard

Dutch Future Kids

Felipe Garcia

Ginny Pauw

Jamahl Heljanan

The Rookies

Senna & Mecnun


Soul Fresh Fam

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