A little over a year ago today, Gary Richards aka Destructo, made headlines by leaving his baby HARD events to start his new adventure as the President of LiveStyle North America. Therefore if you make your way to Made Event, React Presents, Disco Donnie Presents, Life in Color,  MMG, Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, TomorrowWorld, Sensation, Life in Color, and AMFAMFAMF; you will now be seeing the touch of Gary Richards. Above all, Gary Richards is an astute entrepreneur and businessman, and has helped launch countless careers of music producers from many different genres by getting them national attention through his events.

For instance; Destructo’s most recent release “Fucking Shit Up” Featuring Busta Rhymes just got a huge remix done by Troyboi. At World of Dance we are very excited to showcase this particular track. Troyboi is a favorite amongst our network of dancers. With names like Troyboi and Destructo attached to such a hit, we just had to be the first to let you guys know!

We got to hang out with Destructo in Los Angeles when he played with DJ Diesel at Avalon on Saturday December 4th to kick off his huge “Let’s Be Friends Again” tour including Friendship which has its Maiden Voyage December 11th-15th. Find out how Gary balances it all in our Q and A below:

photo by @rukes

Photo by Brandon Artis

WOD: What are you most excited about this release?

Destructo: I just wanted everybody to hear it. There are two remixes our right now. I did a remix with house version, and Troyboi did his thing on his thing on it. I’ve been friends with Troyboi and long time and one of my favorite producers. We’ve been homies a long time and I’ve been booking him for years and I was like “hey I got this record with Busta Rhymes and it needs the Troyboi sauce.”

WOD: What kind of equipment do you use in production

Destructo: Ableton 10 and I like to use a lot of old school midi gear.  Virus stands out. I work with lots of people so I like to try new things.

WOD: How have you been able to work with some of the biggest names in EDM and Hip-Hop?

Destructo: I just love music and I get in the studio with people and we just have a good time. There’s never any pressure, there’s never any end result  or goal other than just have a good time and try to make something fun that everybody’s feeling.

Photo by Brian Ziff

WOD:  How did you get into promoting events?

Destructo: Once again I go back to my love of music. I just try to make it fun and I put my heart into. For me it starts with what would I want to go to?  Where do I want to be and where do I want to have fun? Then it always turns into something.

WOD: How do you have time to do everything you do?

Destructo: I have a good team around me that are awesome that I work with. I’m pretty good with time management. Just keeping all the plates in the air at all times.

WOD: What are you strengths that allow you to accomplish all your goals?

Destructo: I think I just love the scene, I love electronic music and I’ve been on a mission for so many years that I’m relentless and I never stop.  When I’m asleep I’m working. Constantly thinking how can  I make a better event.  How can I help my company? Who can I collab with?  How can I make my sets better? Always trying to make whatever I do better.  I’ve done this for so many years when no one cared, and now people care, so I appreciate it more than most.  I don’t take it lightly.

About Destructo:

Destructo is known for his brand of aggressive house and G-house music, and being a renowned event planner.  Through his events and music, Destructo has therefore gained a loyal fanbase by curating some of the most fun parties in the world.  Mixing genres by collaborating with rappers like Too $hort and Warren G, Destructo’s name definitely has a reputation that the music industry agrees is top notch.  Check out his AMF tour and Friendship cruise to see the difference Destructo makes at a party.

Check out the remixes and the original here:



The “Let’s Be Friends Again” Tour dates, cities and corresponding support acts are:


Fri 1/11 Chicago, IL Park West Redlight, Sirius Hood, J Worra
Sat 1/12 Brooklyn, NY Lost Circus Sirius Hood, J Worra
Fri 1/18 Washington, DC Soundcheck Noizu
Sat 1/19 Denver, CO Temple Noizu
Fri 1/25 Toronto, ON Uniun Bruno Furlan
Sat 1/26 Pontiac, MI Elektricity Bruno Furlan
Sat 1/31 Tallahassee, FL TENN Nightclub Sirius Hood
Sat 2/02 Miami, FL Ground
Fri 2/08 San Diego, CA Spin Flava D
Sat 2/09 Tempe, AZ Shady Park J Worra
Sat 2/16 Los Angeles, CA Sound Flava D
Thu 2/21 Seattle, WA Q Nightclub Flava D
Fri 2/22 Portland, OR 45 East Golf Clap
Sat 2/23 San Francisco, CA Temple Anabel Englund
Fri 3/01 Austin, TX Cedar Street Courtyard Dom Dolla
Sat 3/02 Houston, TX Spire Nightclub J Worra

For more information on DESTRUCTO, visit: