14 performances in 14 cities, 2 countries, and countless memories. The first ever WOD Live Tour was truly unforgettable. Here are some performers’ posts celebrating the end of the WOD Live Tour. We can’t wait to see what’s next for these awesome members of the World of Dance family.

I cant believe the first ever #WODlive tour is over!! #historyinthemaking 🙌🏻 #wodlive17 🌍🕺🏻💃🏻 It’s not goodbye but rather see you later!! Here’s to an unforgettable journey full of wonderful memories & laughter shared with the most beautiful group of people!❤️ #wodfam 🌍 Honored to have shared the stage with all of you!! #missyoualready 💫 @dna_denysantonina @supercr3w @elektrobotz @evaigo2002 @mihacevichsisters @luka.jenalyn @luka.wolf Thank you @worldofdance @dave21xl @hermanflores for making this happen! ❤️To our incredible creative director @nappytabs & team🙌🏻💫! @tessandrachavez @kylehanagami @katyt8 And to all the crew and the best tour manager ever @sam_sschwartz ❤️ Love you!! @vanessa_thornt will miss you dearly!!😘❤️ #thefutureisbright

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Wow, we just finished the first ever WORLD OF DANCE LIVE Tour!!! 🙌 🌍 How do you sum up the experience of a lifetime?! As we wrapped up our last show yesterday with everyone having tears in their eyes, we all felt how special and unique this experience was… It felt so epic to have done the first ever WORLD OF DANCE LIVE tour, it will go down in history as the beginning of something that will hopefully live on into the future! ⭐️ This tour has been such a positive and enriching experience on all ends, the bond we all shared, the laughs, the travels, fun times in rehearsals and incredible synergy on stage inspiring and supporting each other every performance!!! As we now all go on to do other things in life, these memories will stay with us forever – WOD FAM!!! An enormous THANK YOU to the people who made it all possible and took us on this journey, we are forever grateful @dave21xl @mattheweveritt @hermanflores @sam_sschwartz @nappytabs @tessandrachavez @kylehanagami @katyt8 @nbcworldofdance @worldofdance !!! ❤️🙏❤️ And to our WOD SQUAD: We love you all!!! We wish you all the success in the world and we will see you soon somewhere in our wonderful WORLD OF DANCE!!! 🌍 @luka.jenalyn @diana_sofia11 @evaigo2002 @supercr3w @mihacevichsisters @elektrobotz . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Big Thank You to @nikacouture_nyc for our beautiful costumes and to @supadancelondon for the best shoes! 🙏#denysantonina #dnaballroom #dnawod #worldofdance #wodlive17 #thisiswod #wod #wodlive #tour #memories #grateful

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And just like that…the tour is done! Thank you San Jose for an awesome last stop of the WOD Live Tour! We have made so many amazing memories and have had the privilege of making history, working with the best team anyone could ask for!!! So grateful for this once in a lifetime experience & for each and every one of you!!! We love and already miss our WOD Live Tour Season One family 💜💜💜 We hope our paths cross again but in the meantime, on to our next adventure!!! 💜🙏🏽✈️🌎 #lukajenalyn #lukaandjenalyn #ballroomcabaret #exhibitiondance #blessed #thankful #grateful #tourlife #dancelife #worldofdance #thisiswod #wodlive17 @luka.jenalyn @luv_jena @luka.wolf @worldofdance @nbcworldofdance @dave21xl @mattheweveritt @hermanflores @nappytabs @tessandrachavez @katyt8 @kylehanagami

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It has taken us a few days to process…it is just hard to even begin to explain how humbled…honored…GRATEFUL we are to have been a part of the WOD Live tour. And to have shared this journey with such an INCREDIBLE group of people was beyond words. We are already miss our daily adventures with all of them. So THANK YOU to @dave21xl and @worldofdance for inviting us to be part of the WOD family and this tour. We will forever be grateful to you for these opportunities. To @nappytabs and their amazing team @tessandrachavez @kylehanagami @katyt8 for creating such an incredible show for us. It was an honor to work with all of you. To @sam_sschwartz for keeping it all together. You are the bomb. And to @evaigo2002 @diana_sofia11 @luka.jenalyn @dna_denysantonina @elektrobotz and @supercr3w…we couldn’t feel more blessed to have shared the journey with all of you. It was a BLAST. We love you guys more than you know…❤️❤️❤️. “Don’t cry because it’s over…smile because it happened.” #dawnlovedthebus #whenwillweshowernext #scaryjerry #doknockandlukaneedhairspray #giv’r #antoninasstories #bloodnotketchup #uglymodel #denysinabag #oratowel #whoknewdenyswassofunny #doknockskisslipswillgetairdroppedonplanesforever #legendsneverdie

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