Bringing a baby into the world is no easy feat, which is my mommas from around the world will try a myriad of techniques to induce labor. According to a study, half of women surveyed used some sort of natural home method to try to induce labor. The number one way listed by Healthline is exercise, and if you’re anything like us, dance is our favorite way to get our exercise in.

Issabella Mensah-Kumah did just that. The dancer and now mom posted on her Instagram that she has hip hop to thank for helping bring her baby boy Nathan into the world.

“I made this video on a Thursday, went into labour on the Saturday and gave birth on Monday 24/04/17, so basically 5days before I gave birth to baby Nathan. Exercising/dancing is one of the best things to do to prepare for labour. I’m happy I made several dance videos during my pregnancy and it helped me a lot. Full video now available on YouTube! Click on this link to watch or search for; Dance to induce labor swalla,” she posted.

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