World of Dance is finally here! Last night was the big premiere on NBC and the show already has the world hooked. To do the contestants justice, we’ll be celebrating our Top 5 favorite moments after every World of Dance episode this season. Let’s get it started!

1. Super Cr3w (Group Fan and Fall)
Everyone’s just learned what could be the coolest party trick ever—if any of us were prepared to spend weeks/months getting it right. While all the flips were crazy impressive, especially when they were so casually done in an explanation to the judges, Super Cr3w got us most silly when they held hands and fanned out in a rotation. It was beautiful, almost machine-like in its flawlessness. See the crew do it proper at 1:11 in the video below.

2. D’Angelo & Amanda (Double One-Handed Cartwheel)
This is a hard move at any age. As Lopez points out, these two are juniors! But that’s what happens when you’ve known and danced with someone for most of your life. Even as Amanda falls backward onto D’Angelo’s feet, the two are perfectly in sync. Unreal. See the magic that comes at 1:05 in the video below.

3. Les Twins (Their Entrance)
Honestly, we may go the entire rest of the season with no one hitting the stage as hard as Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, the identical brothers who make up Les Twins. Their performance was an emotion one, relying on a push-and-pull routine that made it seem like both young men had magic pumping through their fingers. See them come right out of the gates in the video below.

4. Keone & Mari (The Jump)
After speeding up their routine and ramping up the complexity, Keone and Mari wind things down a bit, but remain just as precise. Then Mari goes into her own moves as Keone runs around clapping. In a perfectly timed move, without any eye contact, Mari goes down right as Keone does a running jump over her from behind. The crowd and the judges rightfully went wild. See the sneak attack hop at 1:28 in the video below.

5. Diana Pombo (Meeting J.Lo)
In what was likely the most emotional moment of the night for everyone, 11-year-old dance floor destroyer Diana Pombo confessed to Jennifer Lopez herself that she was Pombo’s ultimate idol. With both holding back tears, Lopez strutted onto the stage to meet her young fan and contestant with a deep off-the-ground hug. This of course all followed Pombo pulling off the only solo performance of the night with truly unforgiving intensity. See the beautiful moment at 2:55, following a seriously incredible performance.

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