On the heels of a global pandemic that has rendered events and dance competitions inoperable, World of Dance continues to innovate competition during these trying times with its newly established music division. 

World of Dance Records launched the first of its kind dance and visual production competition called World of Dance DV (Global Dance Visual Competition) to the song Workin by Josh Killacky.  The dance visual competition is judged by five industry experts across dance and video production criteria.   Each criterion has five distinct subcategories, each of which is scored by 10 points.  

Dance Criteria

  • Performance
  • Technique
  • Choreography
  • Creativity
  • Presentation

Video Production Criteria

  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Creativity
  • Titling 

In efforts to provide the fairest outcome, the judging process  is “Olympic Style.”  From 5 judges in total, the judges who have scored the highest and lowest scores are removed.  The remaining three scores are averaged, allowing each submission to have one final score.  

Dancers were challenged, as the process in producing a dance visual is very different from that of producing an award-winning competition routine.  In each of the 25+ submissions, contestants pushed their boundaries beyond the dance, offering a unique opportunity to see narrative, concept, lighting, production, editing, effects and location all play a role in each creative masterpiece.  


Congratulations to our winners:  

First Place: @desihoppers 

  • Winner of Best Costume
  • Winner of Best Cinematography
  • Nominated for Best Remix


Second Place: @chibiunity_official

  • Winner of Best Edit and Effects
  • Nominated for Best Cinematography


Third Place: @Dokteuk_crew

  • Winner of Best Choreography


World of Dance Records would like to thank everyone who participated in the very first World of Dance DV  “Global Dance Visual Competition.”  Beyond scores and awards, every submission helps bridge the music and dance industry by supporting World of Dance Records debut artist, Josh Killacky.  This #workinchallenge is only the beginning of defining a new competition format, where music and dance are fully embraced.  

Be on the lookout for the next World of Dance DV… coming soon.