World of Dance Records Signs Music Artists – Josh Killacky 

Making his debut in the music industry, World of Dance Records is proud to announce our first signed artist, Josh Killacky. 

24 year old Josh Killacky was born and raised in Chicago, IL where he discovered his passion for creativity.  He moved frequently as a child, trying out different sports such as baseball, soccer and Taekwondo until he discovered his true passion for performing and dance at the age of 12. In discovering his passion, came the focus and drive that would launch Josh into his entertainment career.  He attended Chicago Academy of Arts where his training consisted of 3 hours of ballet, modern & jazz dance daily, on top of his regular academic classes.  While his love for dance and music was born and bred in the Windy City, the young creator dreamed of moving somewhere he could be surrounded by other creative people and opportunities. 

“The birth of my creative and hardworking mindset was found in Chicago and it will always hold a special place in my heart.” – Josh Killacky

At the age of 15, Josh followed his dreams and moved to Los Angeles, CA with the help and support of his mother, Patricia Killacky. With his mom working two jobs and Josh working at a movie theater, he focused all of his extra time into dance classes and auditioning, building his name within the LA dance industry.  He worked tirelessly for months, and his fame began to grow. 

Some of his appearances include, ‘Nickelodeon Kids Sports’, ‘Nickelodeon Kids Choice and Halo Awards’, ‘Dance Moms’, ‘X Factor’, ‘BET Awards’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and most recently ‘NBC World of Dance’ Season 4.  He has also acted in the movie ‘Opening Night’, Choreographed the “Howard High” TV series, and can be seen on The Ellen Show for a live performance and interview.  Josh has become a well known social media influencer, and is now ready to take his career to the next level. 

From day one, music has been a passion for Josh.  He holds strong to the idea that creativity in art comes through communication and expression, and the ability to dive deeper into that creative world is through music.  His first single, “Workin,” Feat. Kangfrvr of The Future Kingz is set to be released July 17th, 2020.  The single represents the launch of Josh Killacky’s musical career with World of Dance Records.  

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