We know that change can be scary, but change can also be good. But we didn’t think it could be this good. Introducing our new series, World of Dance Remix, featuring some of our top videos from our favorite dancers, this time, with a twist. We’ve taken our most iconic videos and put producers to the test by making their own remix sounds to match with the dancers’ movement in the video. 

Our first remix video features famous dance artist Dytto at her onstage performance at the World of Dance Bay Area in 2015. The “Barbie Girl” herself showcases her individualistic style and robotic dance moves, capturing the eyes of millions with this freestyle performance. The original video released in 2015 is danced to a Barbie Girl Remix by Aqua, with over 50.5 million views to this date. It’s safe to say that seven years later, our jaws are still on the floor as we watch this video again.

Co-P / Music Producer

In our remix video, the original music of the dance gets stripped away as we experience producer Co-P doing a spectacular job at matching the perfect sounds to Dytto’s unique steps. Cory “Co-P” Peterson is a Michigan-born songwriter, musician, and producer. Co-P began in the industry as a dancer and choreographer. This rings true, as we can see his natural talent of matching the music to dance movements. Growing up in Flint, Michigan to now a well-known produce in Los Angeles, Co-P has embodied his motto of “negativity is trumped by positivity”. He has worked with multiple artists, including Robin Thicke, Will Smith, Marques Houston, and Kelly Price, just to name a few. Find out what Co-P@dayaaamm_co_p!

Do you produce music and are looking to remix some sounds for a chance to be featured on our next series of videos? Click the link here to register! Are you up to the challenge?