The first two episodes of NBC’s World of Dance have showcased some of the world’s best dancers from a myriad of genres and background. From self-taught street performers to classically trained ballroom duos, everyone’s brought their best and left it all on the stage.

When you’re essentially competing against yourself (the judges have a specific way to score dances within set categories), what can you do to set yourself apart? This is especially true for more of the well-known dancers who are up against their own reputations.

Take a look at two of the most popular performances so far, Les Twins and Fik-Shun. Both are well known (Les Twins toured with Beyonce, Fik-Shun won season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance) and their style has been relatively defined in recent years in the industry. You can label it urban, hip hop, or even something else, but while in terms of technique and choreography there’s a wide range, music choices are typically upbeat. This allows for dynamic performances, bringing the audience’s energy with the performers.

Both Les Twins and Fik-Shun brought a new layer to their chosen styles by performing emotional and compelling pieces to music most may reserve for contemporary dances. Take a look at their performances from the qualifying round.

As Fik-Shun said, “With big risk comes big rewards.” He couldn’t be more right. The bigger question is how is this shift going to trickle down into the genre as a whole?

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