We ended April with World of Dance Warsaw 2018. Dancers from various areas of Poland gathered to compete for a spot in our Winner Circle and advance to the 2018 World of Dance Championship Week in July. Check out which dancers left WOD Warsaw as champions and stay tuned for their videos.

World of Dance Warsaw 2018 Division Winners

Junior Division

3rd: Nikola Posnick

2nd: East Side Crew

1st: LIL D

Team Division

3rd: R3D ZONE

2nd: TSN

1st: West Point Crew

Upper Division

3rd: Anita & Piotr

2nd: Wojtek Osiejewski

1st: Side Effect


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The WOD Finals are now the WOD Championships where qualifiers from around the world compete. The Championships are just part of the 2018 World of Dance Championship Week, celebrating 10 years of World of Dance. Get all the details here. World of Dance is your destination for exclusive interviews, up-to-date news, and all things dance. Keep up with all the latest news on This Is WOD.