The WOD Live tour made its way to Canada earlier this week, and the performance have been epic. We got to catch up with Lainey Mihacevich to see what’s in her #worldofdancebag. Get the scoop from all the Mihacevich sisters, Madeline and Chloe shared their tour essentials too.

Lainey Mihacevich #worldofdancebag

I have pretty much the same items as my sisters!! (That’s what’s so nice — is that if one of us forgets something, we pretty much know at least one of the other two will have what we need!)

  1. Massage ball. Like Madeline said, this is one of our most used items!! (That and the Biofreeze!) I use mine for my feet, hips, calves. Being tight and sore comes with the territory and it’s important we take care of our bodies.
  2. Water. Water. Water. It isn’t pictured here but there are ALWAYS multiple bottles of water or Vitamin Water in my bag. Keeping hydrated is so important and it is a staple in all of our bags.
  3. Dior mascara. This has become a splurge for all three of us. We’re pretty obsessed with with it. If we don’t have a ton of time for makeup, I can at least throw on this and some lip gloss and feel a little more put together!  It gives you the fake lashes look without the fake lashes!
  4. EOS lip balm. This is a staple too. My lips get so dry. I couldn’t live without my EOS!!!
  5. WOD hat. I mean…who wouldn’t keep one of these in their dance bags?!!! Great for throwing on after a performance or rehearsal. It’s also great for the tour bus when we roll out of our  bed in the mornings!! With my hat, bed head is gone! 😉 (Editors note: See all the Mihacevich Sister’s favorite WOD gear here.)

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