Isn’t beautiful how a small idea can grow into something much bigger and inspire people to want to collaborate for the sake of art? 

Alex Hodgkinson took over an abandoned family warehouse and decided to turn into one of Newark’s (and all of New York’s) most unique creative studios. After a years renovation, which Alex completed himself, ODR Studios was born. The goal was to provide a space to help individuals, brands and companies create unique experiences and produce original content. The studio is most well known for Dua Lipa’s Grammy Award winning music video, Electricity, which was shot last May after a month of opening.

Alex met Mathieu Forget at an event in NYC and the two immediately connected. After a long conversation about art and music, they agreed to work on something together in studio. After seeing the space, what was supposed to be a little dance video, immediately turned into a bigger concept, with the goal to include different types of dancers and invite other artists to experience the space.

In Mathieu’s words, the studio had such a nostalgic and vintage vibe that he wanted to create a piece that would pay homage to a classic song yet contrast with his beloved street dance styles. That’s how he landed on Elvis Presley’s iconic song Jailhouse Rock that came out in 1957 as part of Richard Thorpe’s movie. Mathieu’s objective was figuring out how to mix rock’n’roll music with breakdancing, krumping and flexing, while staying true to the rhythm and style of the song.

Alex and Mat knew that they needed someone to capture the whole concept and looked no further than Joe Cavallini. As one of NYC’s most upcoming filmmakers with the Street Dreams Mag team, Joe added a whole other dimension to the concept and was able to capture each dancer while adding his own unique camera movement and transitions to the piece.


Dancers Gabriel “Emphasis” Alvarez, Alexis “Thriller” Hoguin, Kevin Rivera, Freddy Munoz, Milan “07” Bailey, Michael Fantum Allen, Jeremy “Opt” Perez, Scorp and Bonebreakin_x joined the party to help make this idea come to life. Photographers Shane Drummond, Max Reed, Anup Parikh, Kien Quan also came to support and capture some amazing photo content. 

Mat & Alex hope you enjoy the video and it helps motivate you to get out there with friends and creatives alike to create something special.

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