We here at WOD love a good documentary from time to time. Whether you are a seasoned professional dancer or just a fan of the art form, these films are a must-see for anyone with an interest in the genre- and a Hulu account. So grab some popcorn and a fuzzy blanket and immerse yourself in one (or all) of these documentaries.  

Ballet Now (2018)

This Hulu original follows New York City dancer Tiler Peck as she takes on the monumental task of putting on a show featuring six completely different pieces. You will feel the sweat, blood and tears that each dancers puts into their performance but also their undeniable passion for the craft. Fair warning: you may not release your breath until the credits roll.

Dancer (2016)

This film is a gripping and sometimes heartbreaking portrait of what happens when talent transform from a blessing into a curse. Director Steven Cantor follows the incredibly gifted Sergei Polunin through his ups and downs in this shockingly intimate portrait of a young prodigy and how raw talent may not always be enough. 

Dancing In Jaffa (2014)

Pierre Dulaine puts forth a bold idea in this 2014 documentary: could we bridge the gap between Israeli Jews and Palestinians through dance? It is an ambitious idea and an ambitious film, but we guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. 

Ballet 422 

Ballet 422 takes viewers backstage as emerging choreographer Justin Peck undertakes the monumental task of creating and dancing in the New York City Ballet’s 422nd original piece. Director Jody Lee Lipes successfully gives you the feeling of being a fly on the wall as the drama and chaos unfold behind the scenes. 

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