It’s no secret that we here at WOD Magazine adore tap dancing. We have featured some amazing tap dancers over the years and believe that this classic genre will never go out of style. We have rounded up some of the best tap dancers on Instagram that you should definitely be following. Did we miss one? Let us know on social media or in the comments!

Jumaane Taylor

Taylor is a Chicago native that has a ton of awards under his belt. He has been dancing for well over a decade and is “committed to spreading his respect and passion for tap dance.” His Instagram is full of beautiful, vintage-inspired photos that may inspire you to grab a pair of tap shoes and get clacking!

Sarah Reich

We previously named Sarah Reich as one of the “Top Ten Female Tap Dancers” of all time and with good reason! She is best known for being featured in numerous Postmodern Jukebox videos, but she in also internationally renowned and even put out a jazz album last year. Her Instagram is fun and cheerful and sure to put a smile on your face. 

Jason Samuels Smith

Born to two artistic parents, Smith found his love of dance early and by fifteen had landed his first gig on an episode of Sesame Street. He has appeared in numerous tv shows and films and performed all over the world. He even partnered with Blotch for his own live of tap shoes. Check out his Instagram here

Chloe and Maud Arnold

These two were also mention in our article on the best female tap dancers and are so perfectly in sync when they dance it’s hard to believe it’s not edited. They founded Syncopated Ladies, an all-female tap dancing group, in 2013 and run the Chloe and Maud Foundation which seeks to give young people access to dance. Their Instagram and bright and colorful and just a delight to look at.

Savion Glover

The man, the myth, the legend. Seriously, does this Savion Glover really need any introduction? Considered to be one of the greatest tap dancers of all time, Glover describes his style as you and funky and learned at the heels of the great Gregory Hines. Check out his Instagram for fabulous videos and tributes to dancing legends.

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